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William Larue Weller 750ML

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The namesake and grandfather of the Weller Bourbon lineup is William Larue Weller, from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection (BTAC). This is the true Barrel Proof expression of the Weller Brand, bottled Uncut and Unfiltered however it comes out of the barrel. This means the proof changes with each year’s bottling. In 2020, William Larue Weller was bottled at a whopping 134.5 Proof (67.25% ABV).


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william larue weller for sale

The William Larue Weller 750ML is a premium bourbon whiskey known for its unmatched flavor and superb craftsmanship. This limited-edition product, created by expert distillers with a profound passion for their craft. Is a true testimony to the history of the distillery. Our store is the ideal place to get william larue weller for sale. William larue weller bourbon, weller single barrel for sale, wellers antique 107 for sale

William larue weller bourbon

Rich and deep, the William Larue Weller 750ML bourbon is aged to perfection for at least 12 years in the finest oak barrels. Its deep golden color alludes to the complexity of flavors you may expect. Every sip of this bourbon exposes layers of depth that will captivate your senses, starting with a warm and inviting aroma of caramel, vanilla, and toasted oak.

This exceptional bourbon’s palate provides a decadent experience. After the initial harmonic taste of sweet honey, bitter dark chocolate, and roasted almonds, a wonderful spiciness that stays on the tongue is revealed wellers antique 107 for sale. Its sippability is further improved by its smooth and velvety texture. Giving it the perfect option for both casual and discerning consumers.

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The high proof of the William Larue Weller 750ML gives it a powerful and robust flavor character that truly sets it apart from other bourbons. Each batch offers a distinct expression and is cask-strength-bottled to ensure that no two bottles are precisely same. Due to its scarcity and uniqueness, it is a prized addition to any whiskey collection or an elegant present for whiskey lovers.

The William Larue Weller is a beauty both inside and out and is packaged in a gorgeous 750ML bottle. While the bottle’s exquisite design and traditional label pay homage to the distillery’s illustrious past, sophistication and refinement, respectively.


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William Larue Weller 750ML William Larue Weller 750ML
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