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The blue agave used to make Milagro Silver Leyenda del is grown exclusively on the estate and is hand-harvested in the Jalisco highlands. In the same volcanically rich soil where the blue agave grows in Jalisco. Mexico, the agave heart is roasted in clay ovens. Our store is the ideal place to buy milagro silver tequila. Tequila milagro silver we offer affordable prices and good discounts

Tequila made with our method has a remarkable depth and personality. Milagro Silver is triple-distill for unmatched smoothness and is clear and translucent.

Utilise this Milagro 100% blue agave tequila to enjoy the Freshest Margarita. Simply fill a Boston shaker with ice, 2 parts Milagro Silver, 3/4 part agave syrup, and 1 part fresh lime juice, and shake. Garnish with a lime wheel after straining into a rocks glass filled with new ice.

Here is the pinnacle of premium tequila craftsmanship: Milagro Leyenda del Tequila. This superb tequila is the product of years of experience and is handcraft in small amounts in the heart of Mexico.

The finest blue agave, meticulously chosen from the highlands of Jalisco. Where the optimal climate and volcanic soil create. The ideal circumstances for agave growing, is the foundation of Milagro Silver Leyenda del Tequila. The greatest flavour characteristics are guaranteed since each agave plant is hand-harvested at the height of maturity.

The rigorous cooking process that follows in the production of Milagro Leyenda del Tequila involves slow-cooking the agave hearts in old-fashioned brick ovens. This process enables the agave to fully express its individual flavours. Producing a tequila that is rich in flavour and smooth.

The ideal way to experience Milagro Silver Leyenda del Tequila is straight up, which allows each sip to fully appreciate the spirit’s complexity and depth. It creates the ideal base for cocktails because of its clear and crisp finish, which lends an air of elegance to any beverage.

Experience the spirit of Mexico in every sip by indulging in Milagro Silver Leyenda del Tequila’s famous flavour. With this exceptional spirit, you may upgrade your collection of tequila and have a sipping experience that is unmatch.

Crystal Clear with Silver Hues

Lemon Grass, Citrus and Black Pepper

Bright Fresh Agave, Citrus and Pear


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