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Evan Williams Single Barrel is the only vintage dated single barrel Bourbon on the market. Similar to the way vintage wines are selected, our distillers hand-select individual barrels that meet the specifications they’ve established. Then each bottle is marked with the vintage date it was put into oak, along with the year it was bottled and the exact barrel number of the single barrel that the Bourbon was drawn from. Available at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience and select Kentucky retailers.

Proof: 86.6 Proof
Age: 7-8 Years Old

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According to the company, Evan williams honey whiskey Single Barrel, the sole vintage-dated single-barrel whiskey from Heaven Hill evan williams honey whiskey, will henceforth only be sold under the Kentucky label evan williams 12 year. This rye-recipe bourbon will only be accessible in the Bluegrass State once the current stock is consumed. our store is the ideal place to buy evan williams single barrel.

Evan williams honey whiskey

The swift expansion of Evan Williams 1783, Evan Williams Bottled in Bond, and other products that use the same barrel inventory served as the impetus for the relocation. This put pressure on Evan Williams Single Barrel, which is substantially more expensive to bottle due to its packaging, which is hand-bottled and wax-sealed.Why does this one matter when brands and expressions change over time? Evan Williams Single Barrel, which made its debut in 1995, played a significant role in the early years of bourbon’s resurgence.

evan williams honey whiskey

It was the flagship label of Heaven Hill’s first national expansion. It used to be a 9-year-old, but a few years ago the age was decreased to 7 or 8 years. The unique but exact 86.6 proof (43.3% ABV) at which this single barrel expression is bottled is exceedingly particular.The first single-barrel bourbon was Blanton’s, and several others soon followed. With this “vintage” label, evan williams 12 year Heaven Hill took the idea a step further, giving the series a distinctive feel. It wasn’t a limited release in the sense of having only a certain quantity of bottles available. Heaven Hill simply started bottling a new batch of wine each year in January and altered the year on the label.Another distinction was price. In 1995, Blanton’s cost roughly $40 each bottle.


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